The ongoing threat from Coronavirus is making safety for medical professionals even more important.  This project is intended to help move ahead various open source efforts for PAPR's - Powered Air Purifying Respirator


PAPR is an advanced piece of personal protective equipment.  Hospitals have a few of these available to them today but not enough to make them commonly available and, when appropriate, replace the use of N95 face masks by their staff


An Open Source PAPR will allow local groups to construct a PAPR from commonly available commercial equipment in order to make more units available.  


Basic PAPR Components:


Mask/Face Shield


Air filter


Backpack/Wearable Harness


To ensure the safety of the open source unit, we will apply the “everything fails all the time” maxim for Werner Vogels and add simple redundancy and backup wherever possible


To make sure the Open Source design is as easy to produce as possible we want each component to be as simple to swap with comparable components as possible.  Therefore the only standardized components of the whole design will be the connection points.